Luís Menezes says PSD had a "huge defeat" and blames Rui Rio – Jornal Económico

Former Social Democrat MP Luis Menezes accuses Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Rui Rio of being responsible for the party's "huge defeat" in Sunday's legislative elections. The son of the former president of Vila Nova de Gaia says that Rui Rio broke the PSD's cycle of legislative victories and shows that the current leadership's strategy was “wrong”.

“The fact is just one. Dr. Rui Rio broke the cycle of legislative wins that the PSD had since 2011. We had the worst result in our history of the last 40 years, even worse in votes than the result that Mota Pinto had in 1983, ”said Luís Menezes, son of former president of Vila Nova de Gaia, Luis Filipe Menezes, at the “TSF Forum”.

Luís Menezes also said that this was “a worse defeat than [Pedro] Santana Lopes had in 2005 and that [Manuela] Ferreira Leite had it in 2009 ”and one cannot“ compare this with local and European results ”, as did Rui Rio, in reaction to the election results.

“Never has any leader with less than 30% in the PSD, at least in the party's modern era, failed to scrutinize and leave immediately. I think this result is a huge defeat for the party and a huge personal defeat for Rui Rio, which shows that his tactic was wrong, ”said Luís Menezes, in radio statements.

The PSD got 27.9% of the vote in the legislative elections, the lowest result since 1983, when the party got only 27.74%. Compared to the results four years ago, the PSD elected at least 12 deputies and was unable to elect any deputies in Évora, Beja and Portalegre. Still, Rui Rio considered that the result was “identical to 2015”.

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