Luísa Sobral praises imperfection in "Rosa" the new album, almost like a concert – Showbiz

Luísa Sobral praises imperfection in "Rosa" the new album, almost like a concert - Showbiz

The singer and author Luísa Sobral has defined her new album, "Rosa", to be edited next week, as "a record of 'cantautor', in which the lyrics are more important", in which "it is almost like being in a concert" .

In an interview with the Lusa news agency, Luísa Sobral said that she thought of this new album, which is published next Friday, as "a record of 'cantautor', in which the lyrics are more important, and that is almost like being in a concert, because it's all very true, "

"We recorded everything at the same time, the imperfect takes, we left them imperfect because both I and the producer [Raül Refree] we like imperfection. It was all very organic, very true, and that's what I cared about, "he said.

Regarding the new CD, all recorded in Portuguese, the singer stated that she wanted "something more naked, simple and direct", and hence the invitation to the Spanish Raül Refree, who worked with Sílvia Pèrez Cruz and Rosalía, to produce it.

Luísa Sobral signed the song and lyrics of the eleven songs that make up the CD, which was named "Rosa", in honor of her daughter, because it was composed during her pregnancy, which influenced the final work.

"This album tells stories and speaks of love, like all my albums, but this one has a different sound, and the songs are more exposed, besides my voice being a little different, because during the pregnancy I became very hoarse, which influenced the way I composed it, but I decided to record it like that, with the voice that made me write the songs, "he said.

Luísa Sobral acknowledged there were expectations regarding this new album, but said: "I tried not to think about it very much, to leave everything in a natural way: I did not even think much of it."

"The most different is the album being all sung in Portuguese, the fact of being so naked, and I changed the group of accompanists, who were previously guitar, piano, drums and double bass, but I still remain in composition, and with my features".

In this CD, Luísa Sobral, besides the voice, plays classic guitar, and is accompanied by the musicians Raül Refree, who signs the production, in the classical, acoustic, electric guitars, 'Hammond' and 'Fender Rhodes', Antonio Moreno, in percussion, Sérgio Charrinho, in flizcorne, Gil Gonçalves, in the tuba, and Ângelo Caldeira, in the trunk.

A "simple" album, he said, but that is what he likes most in art, "because it is more direct and reaches the heart of people."

"The simple word is often underestimated, but for me, simple is the best, it is the easiest to reach people. And sometimes we are going to analyze the 'simple' and it's not that simple, but it seems to be, and it's what I like the most in art, it seems simple and after all it's not, "he argued.

In this CD, the singer shares the song "Só um Beijo", with brother Salvador Sobral, who may be one of the guests of the album's concert concerts, in February, in Porto, 09, at Casa da Música, and , on the 22nd, at the TivoliBBVA in Lisbon.

"I did not think about these concerts yet, but to invite them, it would be my brother [Salvador Sobral], to see if he can, and the Raül Refree, "he said.

The CD opens with the song "Nadia", which refers to the tragedy of migrants crossing the Aegean, to reach Europe, to survive. And, through others like "Dear Rosa", "Benjamim", "Same Street, Same Side", "Two Valentine" or "Maria do Mar", Luísa Sobral introduces characters and telling their stories.

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