"Lula's trial was a farce. Sérgio Moro's complicity with the Public Prosecutor's Office is simply shameful "- Jornal Econômico

José Sócrates came to the public to criticize the judge of Lava Jato, after the revelation of several messages between Sérgio Moro and the Brazilian prosecutors who investigated this process.

In the controversy already known as "Vaza-Jato" revealed by the site "The Intercept", several messages exchanged between Sério Moro and prosecutors of the Brazilian Public Prosecutor's Office responsible for Operation Lava-Jato were revealed. In the messages, the federal judge gave suggestions to prosecutors on how to prosecute and discuss details of the case.

In an opinion article published today in the Jornal Econômico, the former Portuguese prime minister is criticizing the conduct of Jair Bolsonaro's current Minister of Justice during the investigation into the "Lava-Jato" operation, which ended with Lula da Silva being sentenced to 12 years in prison .

"The conversations now revealed show a complicity of the judge with the prosecution simply shameful. No, it was not just a circumstantial exchange of views. Rather, it was a blatant compromise between the judge and the prosecutor for the express purpose of harming the accused. Lula da Silva was not entitled to due process because he was deprived of the first condition of fairness in a fair and loyal trial – a judge without a party, an exempt judge, an impartial judge, "writes the former prime minister in an article by opinion published in the Economic Newspaper this Wednesday.

In the middle of the "Vaza-Jato" controversy, Sérgio Moro was decorated by Jair Bolsonaro with the Order of Naval Merit. The Justice Minister will appear in the Senate next week to answer questions related to this topic. The Brazilian president has not yet pronounced publicly on this case, but was reunited with Sergio Moro on Tuesday.

José Sócrates points out that the revelation of these conversations reveals the lack of impartiality of the Brazilian federal judge, concluding that the "Lula's trial was a farce".

"The complaint is firm and serious – the arrest was used as a political weapon. Now the whole world knows (the advantage of the site that writes in English) that the trial of Lula was a farce. Now the world knows that his arrest was politically motivated. Now the world knows that they did not just want to arrest him physically, but also hold him in public opinion. Now the world knows that what they have always wanted – and they have – was to prevent their candidacy. Now Brazil knows about injustice. Impossible to pass alongside, "according to the former prime minister.

This is not the first time that José Sócrates criticizes Sérgio Moro. When the Brazilian Justice Minister was in Portugal in April, Socrates accused him of being a "political activist disguised as a judge." In response, the Brazilian judge stated that he does not debate "with criminals on television".

It is recalled that the former prime minister was accused of 31 crimes under Operation Marquis: three of passive corruption for political office holder, 16 crimes of money laundering, 9 of falsification of document and three of tax fraud, according to the Vision.

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