Luso-Venezuelans want to return to Venezuela – The Economic Journal

Luso-Venezuelans want to return to Venezuela - The Economic Journal

"There has been a certain buoyancy. We have some people who return or stay longer than they normally did in the region, and meanwhile some are returning to Madeira and others to Venezuela, "said Jorge Carvalho, quoted by the Lusa news agency.

Jorge Carvalho was speaking in Barcelona (320 kilometers east of Caracas) as part of a five-day visit to Venezuela, part of the entourage of the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities.

"There are two niches here that maintain a slight increase, more pronounced, that has to do with the return of young and old, particularly those who seek a response in the regional health system," he said.

Jorge Carvalho, who has visited the country several times, the last of them in July 2017, on the occasion of the local celebrations of Madeira Day, explained that the current visit is framed in what has been the policy of the Portuguese Government for emigration and particularly for emigrants in Venezuela.

"We are part of the delegation of the Secretary of State of the Communities, who is reporting a set of support for emigrants residing in Venezuela and also for those who wish to return. That is the purpose, above all we have this proximity to our emigrants, a word of support, "he said.

Jorge Carvalho explained that he continues to "perceive a perfectly integrated community, a community that is recognized, which maintains the hope that Venezuela can effectively regain the power it once had in the past." However, he admitted that some are facing difficulties, "the result of some constraints."

"It is not only the (Portuguese) community, but a large part of the population, but our community feels once again that it is geared towards commerce, business, obviously feeling in the first instance some of the nuances that the country is facing," he remarked.

During the visit he will try to "send a message of hope to all the Portuguese who have opted for Venezuela to carry out their life projects" that "both the country and the region now have structures from a social and economic point of view that allow to frame all those looking to return ".

"We are prepared, we have tried to give all the support to the different situations that we are placed. We also seek to be with emigration, "he concluded.

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