Lusoceania, or Portugal, are under attack today. But it's just a test – Computers

Lusoceania, or Portugal, are under attack today. But it's just a test - Computers

The National Cybersecurity Center continues today the resilience test that began yesterday with 22 entities that validate Portugal's ability to defend against computer attacks in an election environment.

The election scenario continues today at the table in the exercises at the National Center for Cybersecurity and this year's edition counts on the participation of 22 entities as "players", among them, Agência Lusa, Altice Portugal, ANACOM, Centro de Ciberdefesa ERC, ERSE Office of Cybercrime of the Attorney General's Office, IGFEJ, Infrastructures of Portugal Microsoft, NOS, NOWO, The Unit to Combat Cybercrime of the Judicial Police UNC3T, REN, General Secretariat of the MAI, SSI, SIRP, Regional Government of Madeira and Vodafone Portugal.

The mode of observer was also denoted on the first day, with the participation of about 10 entities, mostly from the public sector, according to the CNCS in a statement.

In the scenario used, the days that are Thursday and Friday are simulated before the electoral act, being exchanged more than 400 messages between the entities and produce about 100 reports of situation, within the scope of the work developed by the entities participating in the game.

Among the messages, false drillings in the exercise scenario were well present, as were campaigns based on fake profiles and bots on social networks. Defacement and multi-page DDoS attacks have also been simulated, such as failures in large-scale electrical distribution.

The CNCS revealed a positive balance of the first day of the game, stressing the good interaction and communication between the participating entities. Today the work is resumed under the same theme of the elections.

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