Macau Literary Festival kicks off with Sophia poetry recited in three languages ​​- Showbiz

Macau Literary Festival kicks off with Sophia poetry recited in three languages ​​- Showbiz

Already in the eighth edition, the Route of Letters debuted in the west of the city, in the Naval Workshops, which filled after the opening ceremony for a panel subordinate to the literary course of Sophia, which included his son Miguel Sousa Tavares.

For the first time in Macao, the journalist and writer focused on the poet's connection to Fernando Pessoa, whose influence on his mother's writing was only noticeable at a later age after several trips to Greece.

"My mother's connection to the person intrigues me greatly because she is very attached to Greece," a country that has already been a "relatively late" discovery, admitted the writer, who still considers the personality of the two poets "incredibly different."

After Miguel Sousa Tavares recited some of his mother's poems, whose centenary is celebrated this year, Sophia was heard in Chinese, in the voice of Professor Yao Feng, and in English, by David Brookshaw, translator of several works by Portuguese-speaking writers, both with a close connection to the work of the poetess.

In an intervention, the Portuguese journalist lamented the fact that Portugal is a country with "very little translated" authors, although the paradigm is changing with the new generation of writers, now "most exported".

"The Portuguese come at the bottom of the list … It is very difficult to recover this, only with great government support … it is a question of great investment and not only," he said, emphasizing that translation of poetry "is still harder".

Among writers, editors, filmmakers and musicians, there are 40 international authors, from Portuguese and Chinese space, to attend the eighth edition of Letras, which extends until 24 in various parts of the city.

This year, poetry emerges as a "central theme", since there is a "series of remarkable dates" that the organization "did not want to fail to point out," festival director Ricardo Pinto told Lusa.

In addition to the centenary of Sophia, Jorge de Sena and José 'Adé' dos Santos Ferreira [poeta macaense], also celebrates the 200th birth anniversary of Walt Whitman and Herman Melville [autores norte-americanos].

Other highlights of the festival fall on Pedro Lamares' show "Ode Marítima", based on the homonymous poem by Álvaro de Campos, and in the presence of José Luís Peixoto, who will release a Portuguese translation of a work by the Chinese poet Jidi Magia.

In the field of music, attention is turned to Salvador Sobral, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, which will perform for the first time in Macau, at a concert this Sunday, March 17th.

Among the Portuguese-speaking countries are José Luís Tavares (Cape Verde), Hirondina Joshua (Mozambique), Gisela Casimiro (Guinea Bissau) and Eduardo Pacheco (Angola), among others.

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