Madlib, Ark and Little Dragon perform at the first edition of the festival ID – No Limits – Showbiz

Madlib, Ark and Little Dragon perform at the first edition of the festival ID - No Limits - Showbiz

The festival, an "evolution of the Lisbon Dance Festival, which had three editions", will take place at the Estoril Congress Center in Cascais.

According to promoter Karla Campos, on Friday the 29th, and on Saturday, the 30th, you will hear in that building "what the big urban centers are listening to in the world: electronic (techno, house), hip -hop, r & b, soul, jazz ". "Contemporary music, which we identified as urban," he said in statements to Lusa.

The performances will be divided by "five different spaces" within the Estoril Congress Center, one of which is an auditorium, with seats.

In an "open, wide" space will work a 'silent disk' [discoteca silenciosa, em português]. There will be two DJs per day – Sheru Vari and Nuria on Saturday, and Progressivu and DJ Respeito on Sunday. "We pass by and we do not hear anything, only if we get the phones, and we can choose to listen to one of them," explained Karla Campos.

Of the 25 artists that make up the poster, the promoter points out: Madlib, "artist and producer who inspires the latest names in hip-hop and soul and which debuts live in Portugal," the Little Dragon, -pop, "Kamaal Williams," in a jazz / hip-hop style, Arca, "who by the way he sings and DJs and his clothes is a performer par excellence", IAMDDB, "clearly hip-hop, r & b and also a headliner, "and, closing the main stage, Hunee," a Korean living in Berlin Hunee, which features techno electronic sets very involved with harmony of the disc and soul, "and Pearson Sound," admittedly techno ".

Karla Campos also highlights the "promotion of new artists" such as Colony Slander, Kerox, Dead End, HAAI and curator Park Beat (Portuguese hip-hop publisher).

In addition to music, the festival includes an art installation presented by the collective NEKYIA. According to Karla Campos, this is a "projection six meters high, which mixes plastic part of the projected image on a screen". "This figure that will be projected will move, alter, by the interactivity of the public," he revealed.

The doors of the Estoril Congress Center will open at 7:00 p.m. and the concerts begin at 8:30 p.m., both on Friday and Saturday.

In order to reach the venue, the promoter established a partnership with CP, having on those days a "round-trip train ticket [na linha de Cascais], exclusive for festival ticket holders. "

In addition, viewers will benefit from a promotion in the electronic services provider in the KAPTEN_ private urban transport area, which will have a collection point next to the site.

MobiCascais will provide bicycles and electric scooters for the trip between the Estoril train station and the Congress Center between 18:30 and 20:30. "The rentals will be free, by presenting a festival ticket and registering at MobiCascais," the organization said.

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