Madonna: "I'm being punished for being 60" – Showbiz

Madonna: "I'm being punished for being 60" - Showbiz

In the interview, the 'queen of pop' confessed that she felt some censorship throughout her career. "People have always tried to silence me for one reason or another, or because I'm not beautiful enough, or because I do not sing well, because I have no talent, I'm not married, and now because I'm not young enough," she said.

"Now my battlefield is aging. I'm being punished for being 60," Madonna said in an interview with Vogue.

The artist also emphasizes that none of her "references are alive". "I can look back and think of the names of incredible women who fought for freedom, like Angela Davis or Simone de Beuvoir, but they did not have children. six children and I continue to be creative and active politically and artistically.I still have a voice.There is no one else in my position, "he says.

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