Mafalda Rodiles speaks about all the changes that her life has suffered – Actuality

Mafalda Rodiles speaks about all the changes that her life has suffered - Actuality

"The life of a father does not usually change much, that of the mother goes around 180 degrees," he said, referring to motherhood.

Mafalda Pinto, now known as Mafalda Rodiles, is very active in social networks, where she shares many moments and outbursts about her life. Still this Saturday, the public figure again used its pages of Instagram and Facebook to talk about the changes that his life suffered, beginning with remembering single times.

"When we are single we have all the time in the world to see Netflix, sleep late, we just need to cook if we want, we go to the beach, that party, two hours to get ready … There you starts dating and your time has already gone down a bit, you have to agree on which movie to see together and which restaurant will be chosen, but there is still a long time alone and within which you can fall asleep, Netflix … There you home and start sharing everything, sometimes it is difficult to share the same bathroom, it is difficult to wash the other, pick up towels that stay on the bed … There is still time for romantic dinners and plenty of sex. Here you already divide your time and choices by two. After sex, sometimes children come, and when children are born …", sharing, referring that" the woman runs out of time for nothing "when with the arrival of the maternity.

"Going in the bathroom is difficult, bathing mission impossible. You hire someone to help and all the time the baby is returned with the excuse he wants mother, and he wants !!! He needs to stay on his mother's lap, basically 24 hours, in the first few months. And nobody told us that! And his time that was already divided by two is not divided by three, it happens to be only the baby himself. And you will never sleep in peace again, you will not wake up full, you will never drink until you fall, nor stay in the ballad until dawn … those times were already! You will give a lot of value to a good bath or those 30 minutes that your husband raised with your child so that you can rest a little more … A father's life usually does not change much, the mother's life goes around 180 degrees"she added, stating that in her case" she was reborn as a woman and still well. "

"Well, I do not need to add that when the second child is born your time for you is negative and then you start not sleeping so you can write a post like this one here. That's the photo I'm in Uber, coming home after some photos that I've been trying to score for three years … Martim is waiting for me at home, "he finished.

It is recalled that Mafalda is the mother of Martim, a year, and Mel, four, fruit of the relationship with Edgar Miranda.

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