Mafalda Sampaio confesses: "Being a mother has shown me so many things" – Present

Mafalda Sampaio confesses: "Being a mother has shown me so many things" - Present

Youtuber shared a sincere outburst in social networks, where she talks about motherhood.

Mafalda Sampaio, YouTuber known as Maria Vaidosa, was the first mother in May of the little Madalena, the fruit of her marriage to Guilherme.

Almost five months after the girl's birth, Youtuber shared an outburst in social networks where she talks about the experience of motherhood, confessing to be very happy in this new phase of her life.

"A lot of people do not know, but my biggest dream since I was little was to have my family. At 21 would be licensed, the following year married and at 23 would have the first of five children. Things did not go well in this order either. Between the 20s and the 30s we have so much to do! Finishing a degree, master, intern, first job, getting a boyfriend, getting married, buying a house, having children! Wtf! It's a lot in a single decade, "Mafalda Sampaio began by saying that" this decade of his life has been full of surprises and unexpected events. "

"I never thought in my life to become one of the most influential influencers in Portugal, let alone to have a magazine associated with my project 'A Vaata Maria'. In fact, I studied, worked and honestly feel that today I reap the laurels of all the sacrifices I once made. In the midst of so many projects, I have been postponing maternity, it is not easy to have psychological or financial stability to have a baby, but when you want everything, you can do it, "he added, stating that the" best decision "he made with his partner was "Being parents".

"Everything you hear is 'the best thing in life', it's true! Being a mother has shown me so many things … I look for myself to look at my baby while I cradle to sleep and think 'someday you'll call me mother, I'll teach you to walk, to talk, to sing, to fall the first little teeth, I'll be your biggest idol (I think), you'll call me when you have nightmares, ask me to go out at night, think I'm boring, say you do not like me in the closet phase, you're going to ask you make my clothes, you'll have your first disgust of love, you'll think I'll lie to you when you say you look beautiful, you'll be ashamed to take you to school, you'll study, work, grow … someday you'll leave home and go your way and I will be sure that I have lived all these moments with you and remember this precise moment when you were so little, '"he said.

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