Magician Helder Guimarães has new show in Los Angeles with music by Moby – Showbiz

Magician Helder Guimarães has new show in Los Angeles with music by Moby - Showbiz

The reaction of the audience to the proposal has been "surreal," with people crying, spectators buying tickets for all friends and personal stories of suffering and overcoming counted after the show or shared online.

"It is a story that gives hope and makes believe that when you are in a negative situation, not everything is bad," explained the magician. "You have to be able to see the positive side of things and realize that some of the chaos that happens can be solved by us. And the other part that can not, the most you can do is accept."

Acceptance of the public and nights almost always exhausted should lead to the extension of "Invisible Tango" at the Geffen Playhouse until the end of July, after initially scheduled to end on June 30.

Woody Harrelson (series actor as "True Detective" and "Cheers – That Bar") was one of the first to see the show and sent an email to say that "even cried". Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu ("Birdman", "The Revenant") is another Hollywood name that wanted to see Helder Guimarães.

"This show has four strengths: one is magic, another is storytelling, another is the theatrical environment at certain times, and a side of humor that helps make the trip interesting to live," said the illusionist.

With limited space for the audience, about 130 people at a time, "Invisible Tango" lasts approximately one hour and a half and takes on a different format, encouraging the suspension of disbelief in the public, who accepts the challenge from the beginning.

"People feel that they are in the middle of a chaos and that they can not make sense of it. The story that I am telling has parallels with this situation," Helder Guimarães elaborated. Although it is a personal story, there is an element of identification between the audience and "links with situations that are living."

The narrative of "Invisible Tango" is part of a small car accident that the magician had in Los Angeles a few years ago and involves an old friend clown and a mysterious diary.

"People begin to open the mind that magic is simply another way of communicating ideas, such as theater, dance, music, and that is not necessarily entertaining by entertainment," explained Guimarães. "Every creator has his line of work. I do shows that I do not consider to be just magic."

The illusionist believes that "Invisible Tango" "can last for years in poster" in different places and contexts, after to have been conveyed the interest of taking the show to New York and London.

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