Maintaining face-to-face classes with students aged 12 and over will be considered

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The Prime Minister said today that the maintenance of face-to-face classes with students from 12 years of age will be considered in the context of general confinement, while for the youngest “nothing justifies” the closure of schools.

"All the specialists were converging that, until the age of 12, nothing justifies the closure of schools, but the doubt is in the middle range – there, the divergences between the specialists themselves were very great", said António Costa, after the meeting destined to analyze the evolution of the epidemiological situation in Portugal, at Infarmed, in Lisbon.

The minister clarified that the political weighting on classes from the 7th year onwards “will also have to take into account other factors and also other actors”, such as the government, the President of the Republic, parliament, in addition to other agents, such as associations of parents and school principals.

"Despite this divergence, it was generally agreed by scientists that the school itself is not a source of infection or disturbance", maintained the prime minister.

António Costa also said that “it is obviously out of the question” to interrupt the evaluation activities underway in higher education.

At the press conference, the governor pointed to confinement with “a one-month horizon”, in order to halt the growth dynamics of Covid-19 cases.


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