Maisie Williams of "The War of the Thrones": "I wanted Arya to kill Cersei"

"The War of the Thrones": fans bid farewell between euphoria and deceit - Actuality

"Until the moment Cersei meets Jaime I thought [enquanto lia o guião], 'he will kill her and pluck out his face [e revelar que é a Arya] and both will die, '"he told EW.

In the interview, the actress explains that her opinion was changing when she read the conversation between Arya Stark and The Hound. "The Hound says, 'Do you want to be like me? Do you want to live a life like me?' In my head, my answer had to be 'yes.' But I think spending the night with Gendry, meeting Jon Snow and realize that he is not only fighting for himself but also for his family … all this has brought more human emotions to Arya, "he said.

"It's not an end to the 'Throne War' for Arya, it's a happy ending …" He gave me a place to take Arya where I never thought to take her again, "he confessed.

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