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At the entrance of a crucial week for the results of the European elections, on May 26, parties are engaged in campaign actions across the country in an attempt to achieve results. In a scenario in which the Socialist Party seems to have the victory within its reach, the main 'tones' of the campaign appear to be, on the one hand, the absence of European matters in favor of nationals, and, on the other, only momentary, between the forces that underpin the PS government.

The PS secretary general warned Saturday that his party has to fight to the last second for the victory in the European elections, without being dazzled, noting that forecasts are not votes that go to the polls.

In his speech at the socialist rally in Viana do Castelo, just as he had done the previous day in Covilhã, António Costa returned to warnings about the dangers of PS-friendly polls. Addressing a room full of militants and socialist sympathizers, António Costa said he knows that many will be watching the results of the football championship this afternoon.

"The elections are really like the championship [de futebol], they play until the last minute – and it's up to the last minute that we will also have to play, without throwing the towel to the ground, but also without being dazzled by the results of the polls. We know very well that it is day by day, minute by minute that the result is achieved – and that is what we will have to do as the teams that are currently competing in the championship will have to do it for 90 minutes, "he said.

"What we have to do over the next week is to fight to the last second for the victory – and a great victory for Europe, for Portugal and for the continuation of the direction of our governance."

The head of Social Democrat list in the European elections, Paulo Rangel, tried this Saturday to "captivate and convince" voters to vote in the PSD in an animated "arruada" in Guimarães, a socialist bastion where he devalued the attacks of the "skilful" António Costa.

"Today we are doing street actions in Vizela, in Barcelos, in Guimarães, which are all municipalities of socialist color. We go everywhere, it's not like the PS that never goes out on the street and when it comes out it's in a favorable mood, and even then no one knows who's the head of the list. To us this does not happen, we go everywhere, "he declared, at the end of the street action, in the historic center of Guimarães.

After two days campaigning for regions of the country affected by desertification, with little street initiatives, Rangel stressed that he is not "afraid of the street": "we go where the people are, to listen to them and, of course, to try to captivate them and convince our program, "he said.

On the other hand, the head of the CDU's list of Europeans has been sure that the message of its political force has reached voters, as a way to balance the first week of the official campaign on the road.

"I do not think so, I'm sure. Where we've been, the CDU message has arrived. I think there is recognition of the work we have done, the realization of how important these elections are in the immediate moment for the country and for decisions that will be taken in the European Parliament that will have great influence on the country, "said João Ferreira.

"It has also been reasonably clear who pledges on important issues that will be decided in the European Parliament and who takes refuge in lateral and ancillary issues to escape these problems," he told reporters in the center of Alcochete. compromises and avoid clarifying already before the elections what positions will take on issues as decisive for Portugal as the EU budget and a future Common Agricultural Policy or environmental issues. "

In turn, the bloc coordinator, Catarina Martins, called for the vote in the party's candidacy to the European women who "trusted the BE in 2015 and who voted for Marisa Matias" in the last presidential elections, asking that on the 26th they "do not stay at home" .

As it is already a tradition in the electoral races of the BE, in the middle of the campaign the party meets in Lisbon for a "mega-lunch", which this Saturday gathered around 900 people in the Tagus Room of the Altice Arena, who heard the biggest appeal to the vote of the speeches of this electoral campaign.

"I also appeal to those who have never voted for the BE, who did not vote for Marisa Matias, but who know who they have been with over the years, know who they have found in their struggles, in what counts, who knows who has been, side by side , with each one, with each one being the Left Bloc, "he asked, in a second call to vote.

CDS MEP Nuno Melo attacked the finance minister for giving an "institutional indication to Brussels of Portugal's availability" for the creation of "European taxes, regardless of any parliamentary authorization."

Melo's accusation came during a campaign action in Oliveira do Bairro, Aveiro district, in which he criticized the fact that this indication was given "in the middle of the election campaign", in a matter, the possible creation of European taxes, which divides " deeply "the PS, who defends them, and the CDS, which is against, he said.

"We do not really understand that in the midst of the electoral campaign" the Socialist Minister Mário Centeno allowed himself to be given institutional indication in Brussels of the availability of European taxes, regardless of any parliamentary authorization and basically imposing on all the Portuguese what eventually Portuguese do not want, "he told reporters.

And he added that "it is not serious, on election campaign, a socialist minister to compromise the Portuguese state with taxes that are European, basically abdicating a very relevant portion of sovereignty" the country, he said.

Meanwhile, the head of the Alliance's list of European elections, Paulo Sande, said on Saturday during a campaign action in Oporto that the party plans to install an agency or an EU body in the city.

"One of the things we want to do is to ensure that a European agency or an EU body comes to Porto, as it should have already happened in the next EU legislature," said Paulo Sande aside from the campaign action took place this morning in Rua de Santa Catarina and in the temporary market of Bolhão, in Oporto.

The head of the list, who resumed the election campaign after a road accident, pointed out that although there are no "agencies available", "new" could be created, with the possibility of being transferred "some" of the installed agencies in other cities, including the two that are in Lisbon, to Porto.

"It is a struggle that I think makes all the sense, the country has to be more balanced and therefore it is here that this makes sense," said Paulo Sande, adding that "other cities and regions of the country have to gain a dimension and this also goes through the administrative part and the part of the government ".

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