Manuel Salgado says “public and political life has gotten worse” in the last 12 years – Jornal Económico

“The climate of sectarianism, the possibility of media manipulation and the spread of lies, violence, and even hatred through social networks make it difficult for the serene dialogue, the confrontation of arguments and the thorough discussion of the foundations of the proposals. ”, Says Manuel Salgado, in the document addressed to the mayor, Fernando Medina, dated July 15, to which Lusa had access today.

The mayor justifies his resignation with the need to “renew decision-makers and procedures, opening new perspectives and allowing new perspectives on projects for the city”, adding that at the time the lists were drawn up for the last municipalities, he wanted “to be soon safeguarding the possibility ”of their replacement mid-term.

“In this sense, and because I understand that the time has come for this renewal, I come to present my resignation as councilor of the Lisbon City Council,” reads the letter.

Manuel Salgado, 75, has been a city councilor for urban planning in the Lisbon City Council since the midterm elections of 2007, and was also vice-president of the municipality until the municipalities of 2013, when Fernando Medina, current president, became the arm right of Antonio Costa, then leader of the socialist municipal executive.

The mayor highlights the learning gained from the professionals and residents he worked with during the 12 years at the head of Urbanism's portfolio in the capital, considering that they were “rewarding for the legacy” left in “urban planning, urban renewal, and a new form. to live the city, expressed in the valorization and qualification of the public space ”.

“But it was also an exhausting 12 years. Exhausting for the envy and enmity that are created in the exercise of these functions, for the suspicions, innuendoes and anathemas that want to glue us ”, he says.

Manuel Salgado also emphasizes that “despite his age”, he does not feel “physically exhausted”, saying that he still has “many ideas and projects that he would like to carry out in favor of Lisbon”.

In an interview released today by the newspaper Expresso, Salgado goes on with the possibility of remaining as chairman of the board of the municipal company SRU – Society for Urban Rehabilitation.

The socialist will leave the post of City Councilor in September, to ensure a smooth transition of the portfolio, which will be assumed by the coordinator of the Lisbon City Affordable Income Program, Ricardo Veludo.

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