"Many finance ministers want to avoid being blacklisted" – The Economic Journal

How can we fight tax evasion while defending European values? Is the European social model still physically sustainable? It was to answer these questions that the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Tax and Customs, Pierre Moscovici, attended today on the second day of the Estoril Conferences.

"There is a gap between the richest and the poorest and inequalities are increasing. We want to fight against this and we will only achieve social and fairer policies in the following way: raising the quality of public spending, combating tax evasion and transparency in the European Union must increase, "Moscovici said in the debate" Fiscal Justice and Human Rights: Fighting the Fiscal Evasion, to defend the European values ​​".

Assuming that tax justice involves the application of progressive taxes, it is essential to combat flight and set higher taxes on wealth, property and higher incomes.

"Many finance ministers want to avoid being blacklisted [referindo-se ao bom desempenho das contas públicas]. The European Union has been involved in fiscal policies, VAT reform and correct taxation of the digital economy. The next step is to work on public spending, "concludes the Commissioner, defending the fight against social inequalities, without neglecting public accounts.

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