Maradona: "I hope CONMEBOL is serious and give Boca Juniors the title"

Maradona calls for Boca Juniors to be declared champion of the Libertadores

Diego Maradona made use of social networks to rule on the suspension of the final of the Libertadores. In a publication on Instagram, the Argentineman asks that CONMEBOL give the title to Boca Juniors, recalling the confusion in Bombonera in 2015, which was worth eliminating the xeneizes in the same classic, following disturbances caused by fans.

"I hope CONMEBOL will play a serious role and give Boca Juniors the title. More than the love I have for the club, there is a regulation that has to be fulfilled," he began by defending.

"The penalties are clear, they also got us the points in 2015. I like to win on the pitch, but when you do not respect the rules, there has to be a sanction, and that means giving Boca the victory," he added.

On Saturday, on the initial date scheduled for the second leg, the bus carrying the entourage of Boca Juniors was attacked on arrival at the Estadio Monumental, resulting in injuries to some players.

The supporters threw stones and pepper gas, and the soccer players Pablo Perez and Gonzalo Lamardo had to be attended in the hospital.

Boca Juniors, who played in the first leg at La Bombonera, 2-2, wants the River to be punished for the attack and to apply Article 18 of the disciplinary regulation, which provides for several penalties, including disqualification .

The disciplinary committee of CONMEBOL has the matter at the table and may, under the article, disqualify the River Plate, but also carry out the game behind closed doors or transfer it to a neutral stadium.

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