Marca Real Conserveira wants to replace muxama and stupefaction at Portuguese tables – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Marca Real Conserveira wants to replace muxama and stupefaction at Portuguese tables - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Real Conserveira, a brand created by a couple from Altura, officially presented last weekend, at the Feast of Honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, wants to bring the muxama and stupefaction to the Portuguese tables.

Inspired by Vila Real de Santo António, the project created by two Alturans, Miguel Guerreiro and Sandra Guerreiro, promotes Castro Marim products in their recipes, said the local council of Castromarense in a press release.

The registration of the mark and the decision of the sale of muxama and estupeta of Atum happened under the master's degree that Miguel Guerreiro attends at the University of Algarve, of Communication Design for Tourism and Culture. In the development of a communication plan for the brand, the project was joined by his wife, Sandra Guerreiro, a businesswoman in the field of digital communication, whose experience allowed him to embrace this idea and to transport it to an online sales portal.

The launch will now be reinforced with a brand promotion strategy, which will be present on the nights of the Mercadinhos de Verão in Altura, where they will perform showscookings with recipes that link the muxama and the tuna steak with the castromarinenses products, such as fresh cheese of the Azinhal and the flower of salt of Castro Marim.

The idea is to provide unique culinary experiences and moments of sharing among people, combined with the consumption of products.

"With more than a century of history, the cannery industry of Vila Real de Santo António is a reference in the tradition of muxama and tuna stupe, even becoming, in the middle of the twentieth century, its main sector of economic activity. Unfortunately, today there is no factory in operation, not only here, but in Portugal, so we have to buy the products in Spain, "says Sandra Guerreiro.

The businesswoman regrets that only the Algarve leeward continues to preserve the tradition of tuna consumption, being a product almost forgotten in the rest of the region.

For this reason, Real Conserveira excels in presenting itself "in elegant and sophisticated packaging that, at the same time, enhances the products and makes them more easily transportable, re-launching the sale of muxama and stupefaction on the market."

The project is at an early stage, which serves to understand the reaction of the consumer and to be able to improve the approach and presentation of the product, but in 2020 the Real Conserveira plans to move forward with a long-term strategy and beyond.



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