Marcelo, António Costa and Jorge Carlos Fonseca arrive on the same plane to Cape Verde – O Jornal Económico

Portuguese Prime Minister Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Prime Minister António Costa and Cape Verdean President Jorge Carlos Fonseca arrived in Cape Verde this Monday to continue the commemorations of the Day of Portugal.

"From this moment, the celebrations are in Cape Verde," declared Jorge Carlos Fonseca, upon arrival in Praia City, considering "a great honor" that the Portuguese State decided to celebrate its national day in Cape Verdean territory.

National Defense Minister João Gomes Cravinho also traveled to the same Falcon of the Portuguese Air Force, which landed at Nelson Mandela International Airport near 17:40 local time (19:40 in Lisbon), Lusa confirmed to the source of the Republic.

The celebrations of June 10 began in Portalegre, where Jorge Carlos Fonseca was also present this morning to attend the military ceremony, in which, symbolically, there was a representation of the Armed Forces of Cape Verde.

In brief statements at the airport, with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa at his side, the President of Cape Verde spoke in a "great complicity between the two countries," adding: "The relationship is excellent. There is a great harmony between the essential values, the vision we have of the world, between Portuguese and Cape Verdean politicians. "

Then, the Portuguese President agreed that there is "convergence that, being of principles, of values, as it has been said, is before more than people".

"We like each other very much, we get along very well. Thank you very much, Mr President, for welcoming us here, "he said, addressing his Cape Verdean counterpart.

According to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the 10 June celebrations in Cape Verde represent "a double meeting, a meeting of Portugal with the Portuguese and the Portuguese of the Diaspora" in the "sister country of Cape Verde" – which are in total about of 21,000, spread over several islands – "and at the same time a meeting between Cape Verde and Portugal."

"We are scattered around the world in diasporas that almost overlap: where there is a Cape Verdean there is a Portuguese, where there is a Portuguese, there is a Cape Verdean. And it's been a long, long time, "he said.

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