Marcelo calls for fight for human dignity against intolerances – The Economic Journal

Marcelo calls for fight for human dignity against intolerances - The Economic Journal

At the conclusion of a cycle of conferences entitled "Global Futures" that marked the 50th anniversary of the Portuguese Catholic University, at the premises of this institution, in Lisbon, the head of state considered that there is a phase "very ungrateful" at the international level, with " a return to the anguish of a hundred years ago. "

"Let it be clear that respect for the dignity of the human person is a red line that can not be scratched or pinched. But attention, the human person we value is a concrete person, of flesh and blood, is not a comfortable abstraction, alibi for indifference and for inaction, "he said.

According to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, "most of the times it is not enough to defend it while preserving its dignity, it is necessary to fight for that dignity, because the inertia in these times and in the next ones will be adverse to it".

In an intervention in which he proclaimed "neutral, never, because no one is neutral," the President of the Republic described the current global context as a time of appeal "to self-centeredness, to struggle for survival and salvation alone, to immediate, superficial, to the image more basic and easy to apprehend and to accept, to the rejection of the openness, the availability to the other ".

Without ever talking about any specific situation, he added: "The stage we live in and we will live for another appreciable year – hopefully not more than a decade – is very ungrateful. During it we will have to reinvigorate values ​​and principles, maintain essential positions, strengthen solidarity. "

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa insisted on the need to face "situations of fear, insecurity of fear, explicit and implicit rejection of change," if "affirming, preserving and strengthening a personalistic sense of life, the person and the community."

The President argued that it was necessary to "know how to channel change" rather than to deny it.

"We want global, global, even peace, not war, multilateral futures, not unilateral closure, to defend people's rights," he said, adding: "And not buffer formulas, by nature conjunctural and fragile, tailored to the egoisms and intolerances of fashion. "

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