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The President of the Republic today defended that changing the law of appointing family members to positions in the public administration requires a "very simple" and "very small" change, and a new diploma is not necessary.

In statements to the newspaper i, the head of State, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, says that "what is proposed is whether what exists for the Public Administration in general, whether or not it applies to the offices of politicians, that is, parliamentarians and governments. That's it".

PSD President Rui Rio said on Saturday it was "very difficult, if not impossible" to create a law to limit an "ethical problem" such as the appointments of relatives of political office holders, stressing that trying to do so in pre-election climate "is dangerous."

In recent days has been news of family appointments to political posts and last week the Secretary of State for the Environment, Carlos Martins, asked for his resignation after being made public that he appointed his cousin Armindo Alves as deputy of his office.

At stake is the revision of the code of the administrative procedure, in force since 1991, and which provides for the limitations of appointments of family members to posts in the Public Administration.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa also affirms to the newspaper i that it is with cases of these that the "populisms" appear.

"Life is not just electoral campaigns" and "the country does not end either in May or October," warns the head of state.

The prime minister, António Costa, has argued that a "clear and uniform criterion" should be defined for limitations on the rights of family members of political office holders, for the current and for future governments, given the various cases they have. have been known from appointments of relatives of rulers to offices in the executive or state apparatus.

The PS welcomed the prime minister's challenge for parliament to legislate on family appointment criteria, with the other parties to refer this matter to the government and to the fields of ethics and common sense.

Speaking to reporters in parliament, PSD, CDS-PP, BE and PCP representatives said however that if there are legislative initiatives by the government or the PS, they will be available for debate and for possible legislative improvements.

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