Marcelo returns to Parliament House of Douro diploma – The Economic Journal

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, will return to Parliament a House of Douro diploma, asking for "further reflection" on its restoration as a public association, informed the Presidency of the Republic.

"In order to ask the Assembly of the Republic for further reflection on the adoption of the formula of public association, its concrete aspects and, in particular, the exercise of functions reserved for employers and trade unions, the President of the Republic informed the President of the Assembly of the Republic which has decided to return, without promulgation, Decree No. 293 / XIII, which restores Casa do Douro as a public association and approves its statutes, "according to the online statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic.

On April 5, the Assembly of the Republic (AR) approved a joint bill of the PS, BE, PCP and PEV that restored Casa do Douro as a compulsory public association and reversed the ownership of the headquarters building in Peso da Régua, district of Vila Real, for the new association to be created.

The legislation passed in the parliament was challenged by representatives of the production and trade areas in the interprofessional council of the Institute of Vinhos do Douro and Porto (IVDP).

The 22 councilors representing the two professions with seats in the region's management body unanimously approved a document "repudiating" the approved legislation and requested the Assembly of the Republic and the President of the Republic "not to enact for defects of unconstitutionality and for creation of insanitary and harmful sprains in the Douro Demarcated Region ".

Created in 1932 to defend winegrowers and Douro wine growing in the oldest regulated and demarcated region in the world, Casa do Douro lost its attributions until its public dimension was extinguished in December 2014 in the PSD / CDS-PP Government, and its management delivered to a private organization, the Douro Renewal Federation.

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