Marcelo says the faster the UK decides, the better for everyone – The Economic Journal

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, said today that the sooner the UK decides, the better it is for everyone, stressing that if it can be in the coming weeks or months, it is better than a postponement or a lack of definition.

"When I say the sooner the better, which is the position of Portugal, the President and the Portuguese Government, it means if it can be in the coming weeks, better than in the coming months, in the coming months rather than a postponement or a lack of definition," .

The head of state, who spoke on the sidelines of the visit to the Port of Perafita's food warehouse, however denies that there is a risk of contamination of the European Union, which he stressed, has been "very cohesive in the way this problem".

Still, it is important for the President to know what the UK's definitive position is and, the sooner he stresses, 'the better for everyone'.

"The decision is British. We are not replacing the British decision. We can have the preferences. If you asked me what preference I have already expressed a hundred times: that there had not been a vote on an exit from the European Union. Now that's not the point. What is at stake is for the UK to decide, and to decide as quickly as possible, because this is good for everyone, for the European Union, for the UK and for what is most important for people, "he said.

On Friday, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation as leader of the Conservative Party. He said that the next UK leader's job – "he or she" – is to get out of the EU properly, and to complete Brexit. "

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday announced her resignation as leader of the Conservative party to let a successor take the UK exit from the European Union and finalize Brexit.

Theresa May's resignation from the Conservative Party leadership will be formalized on Friday June 7 after the US President's visit to the United States, Donald Trump, for the internal election to begin the following week.

In a statement at the door of the official residence in Downing Street, the British prime minister said she had done her best to persuade MEPs to approve the agreement she negotiated with Brussels to get the UK out of the EU, but that "unfortunately ", failed.

"I tried three times. I think I did well to persist even when the odds of failure were high. But it is clear to me now that it is better for the country that a new prime minister leads this process, "he added.

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