Marco Costa states: "Nothing happens by chance!" – Present

Marco Costa states: "Nothing happens by chance!" - Present

In mid-November, the confectioner suffered an accident at work that caused him an injury to his arm. There is still recovery.

In mid-November, on the eve of opening the second store Recipes With Secret, Marco Costa suffered a work accident that caused him an arm injury, of which he is still recovering. With his arm plastered and incapacitated to perform the professional tasks, the confectioner faced days of some anguish.

This Sunday, he decided to vent with the fans, showing that he found a deep meaning in the whole situation.

"It's often said that nothing in life happens by chance, when this happened to my arm, I asked myself many times why, why me, why at this point, what's the hardest job I can do for the rest of the year? I had no answer in the first few days, "he began by saying.

"But now I have … Nothing happens by chance, if this had not happened I would not know the quality of friends I have." The true ones appeared, many had not seen them for some time (maybe because everything was fine). I do not know how much I feel rich in love and the spirit of mutual help.This time I have to stand still, it is my FAMILY that is with me to paddle this complicated boat that is Christmas. It's love, it's family.This is life, it's what I believe in ", he finished.

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