Maria Martins and Raquel Queirós cycle on the EN2 and offer bicycles to Refúgio Aboim Ascensão

Maria Martins and Raquel Queirós cycle on the EN2 and offer bicycles to Refúgio Aboim Ascensão

Cyclists Maria Martins and Raquel Queirós are going on an adventure of 715.9 kilometers to cycle from Chaves to Faro, from June 24th to 28th, on the EN2, which will end with the offer of bicycles to Refúgio Aboim Ascensão.

Maria Martins has already guaranteed the unprecedented qualification of Portuguese track cycling for the Olympic Games, while Raquel Queirós is well on the way for the national women's MTB to debut in the competition.

“The two athletes face each other for a cause. Because cycling is vital, they want to inspire Portugal to increasingly use bicycles, in different contexts: training and competition, recreation, leisure and tourism, not to mention active mobility ”, underlines the Portuguese Cycling Federation.

The trip will be an opportunity for Maria Martins and Raquel Queirós to know and show, through the federation's social networks, the national territory, in a perspective of proximity that only cycling and cycling can reach.

The route will be done in five stages, always starting at 10:00 am. The initial pedaling will be done at Km0 of Estrada Nacional 2, in Chaves. The program is as follows:

June 24: Chaves – Castro Daire, 134.4 km

June 25: Castro Daire – Góis, 133.7 km

June 26: Góis – Ponte de Sor, 148.5 km

June 27: Ponte de Sor – Aljustrel, 182.1 km

June 28: Aljustrel – Faro, 117.2 km

At the end of the expedition, “because it is important to excite the new generations to the worlds that cycling opens up”, points out the FPC, the two cyclists travel to Refúgio Aboim Ascensão, in Faro, to offer bicycles that can be used by children welcomed there.

“This trip shows the richness and multiplicity of cycling, which includes sporting activity – competitive and non-competitive -, tourism and the discovery of territories, mobility, the ability to unite the North and the South, the interior and the coast, always from a solidarity perspective ”, stressed the president of the Portuguese Cycling Federation, Delmino Pereira.

The initiative of Maria Martins and Raquel Queirós is called «Along the Estrada Nacional 2 towards Tokyo» and is part of the campaign «Pedalar is vital, inspires Portugal», launched this month by the FPC.

The campaign will have a wide range of initiatives, stimulating the growth of the use of bicycles. Among the novelties is a new membership, valid until December 31, which includes personal accident and civil liability insurance, suitable for daily cycling on public roads (training and commuting), on the road, mountain biking and the city, also covering electric assisted bicycles (pedelecs with motor up to 250W).

The license has a cost of 20 euros and will bring a new feature, since it will be issued exclusively in digital format, eliminating plastic, in an environmentally friendly measure.


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