Mário Laginha marks 10 years since the re-inauguration of Cineteatro Louletano

Mário Laginha marks 10 years since the re-inauguration of Cineteatro Louletano

It will be 10 years ago, on February 1, 2021, that Cineteatro Louletano reopened after rehabilitation works and the guest – not by chance – is exactly the same: the pianist Mário Laginha. Laginha travels to Loulé in trio for a concert online with the also renowned Bernardo Moreira and Alexandre Frazão.

This concert is the result of an artistic residency that took place in the city in July 2020, where the trio of jazz musicians will present new themes from their new album as well as a new video clip recorded in Loulé, a work that fulfills two objectives: to give “Face” a theme and make this territory that Laginha has in his heart reach more people through the video: “The truth is that I feel that I have many roots here and interestingly, over the years, it seems that these roots have called me. I get here and it seems that I know all this. I know people, I walk on the street and as it happened, a lady told me: “You can only be Maria José's son – Maria José was my mother – and that is very touching, a person going on the street and someone to say he was a colleague of my mother's ”, stresses pianist and composer Mário Laginha.

However, the context, given the pandemic scenario COVID-19, forced the suspension of all on-site cultural events at the national level. Hence the bet on a concert in streaming (direct) through social networks, in order to reach as many people as possible for free and universally.

To mark the event, which coincides with the day of the City of Loulé, in addition to the online concert (via Cineteatro Louletano's Facebook), the launch of the trio's new video clip, entitled "Muirapuama", is also planned, as well as the creation of a short video animation that portrays the 10 years of the programming of the show room and also the launch of the item “On stage…”, where the Cineteatro team performs.

Vítor Aleixo, Louletan mayor, considers the realization of this concert “A symbolic act, in an autarchy and in a cultural equipment that, in these pandemic times, have dared to make Culture safe, contributing to the dignity of cultural professionals. 10 years of equipment that is a reference to the South and that makes us all proud, a space that is in the memory of many of us as a meeting and sharing place ”. “May another 10 years come to make a difference in the region!”, he adds.

Cineteatro Louletano's important role is not new: the room, opened in 1930, was owned and managed by private individuals for decades, going through more or less troubled phases, going through a world war (1939-1945) and a Revolution (April 1974).

The equipment – one of the oldest concert halls in the Algarve – has been central to the life of the Louletans and, more broadly, of all the Algarve, not only for the events it hosts but also, since 2014, for an active role in implementation of cultural policies that go beyond the space itself: it is the case of artistic residencies that allow local and national artists to think and produce Culture, which then expands and circulates throughout the national territory. One of the most recent cases is that of Cristina Branco, who created her new work in a residence in Loulé in 2019, a concert that later circulated on tour around the country alongside several video clips recorded locally.

It is recalled that, due to the suspension enacted by the Government with effect from 15 January within the scope of the State of Emergency, the face-to-face programming of Cineteatro Louletano that was scheduled had to be temporarily postponed, and very soon – due to the pandemic situation – new dates will be announced.


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