Mário Nogueira says that teachers' service time does not compromise confidence in PCP – Jornal Econômico

The final vote on the amendments to the teachers' qualification timetable, which on May 10 confirmed the turnaround in a process that days before seemed to have been won by teachers, was also an unusual moment in the national political scene, in which the PCP voted against the pretensions of the unions, namely one of the largest federations – the National Federation of Teachers (Fenprof) – of the trade union center – the CGTP – associated with the Communists.

After a direct appeal for a viability of the proposal of the right, which recovered rules concerning budgetary sustainability – which had fallen, days before, in the final text – but which guaranteed the main objective of the teachers – the full count of the nine years, four months and two days – the PCP voted against, with the justification that the norms promulgated by PSD and CDS-PP, besides complying with the dictates of Brussels that the communists refuse to accept, had coupled a revision of the statute of the teaching career, also unacceptable.

"No, there is not a problem of trust and at other times I have also had positions that are mine, that's my opinion, is not it?" Fenprof secretary-general Mário Nogueira said in an interview with Lusa. to focus the issue on the PCP, which is a militant party, saying that the Left Bloc (BE) and the Greens also voted in the same way.

The Fenprof leader said that the federation "is not an organization of teachers who militate in party A or B" and that, according to accounts, among the leaders there will be even more militants from the government party (PS) than from the PCP. "That's not the question".

"Our appeal was the appeal of a professional group. We hoped it could be heard. The decision of the parties to the left of the PS was, of course, a decision that would have taken this group into account, but which probably would have taken into account other more general political aspects, since they are not just one group, "he said.

On possible divisions in the PCP regarding the time of service of teachers and the statements of the former Secretary General of the PCP, Carlos Carvalhas, during a forum on TSF radio, in which he said that Mário Nogueira's appeal to the left parties resulted from despair Facing the turnaround, the Fenprof leader declined any disagreements.

And he said that on the very day of the statements he received a telephone call stating that the intention of the statement was exactly the opposite of the interpretation circulated, except that it is someone who "has always been in solidarity with the teachers' struggle."

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