Maritime Police Centenary kicks off with exhibition – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Maritime Police Centenary kicks off with exhibition - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

The 100th anniversary of the Maritime Police started, which, until next Sunday, will take place in Quarteira with a program of initiatives open to the general public. Predicting what will happen in the city these days, Vítor Aleixo, mayor of Loulé, an entity that supports the event, stressed that “these will certainly be memorable moments for the people of Quarteira who, in their collective memory, have a good time. present the existence of the Maritime Police and the Navy on this land for over a century ”.

During this opening session, the mayor spoke of the importance of this body “for the safety of the population, for the activity of fishermen and for the preservation of our beaches”, also recalling the protocol of institutional cooperation, signed last March between the Authority National Maritime Authority and the Municipality, which intends to reinforce this presence. The opening of Quarteira Maritime Post of Salva-Vidas Station are two of the important investments underway under this partnership.

The commanding general of the Maritime Police, Vice Admiral Luís Sousa Pereira, stressed the “particularly close connection with the municipality of Loulé, hence the choice of Quarteira for these celebrations, the result of this cooperation”. This officer made a presentation on the past, present and future of the Maritime Police. “A police of expertise as useful and relevant today as in the past,” born of the law enacted September 13, 1919. The competencies over the years and the various organic reorganizations were referred to by Luís Sousa Pereira, in a historical retrospective, projecting equally the designs for the future.

It should be noted that currently the Maritime Police is present at 2830 km on the coast of Portugal. It has 28 Regional Commands throughout the country and 536 elements. In the Algarve are 6 Local Commands, which will be joined, next year, the Quarteira.

The commander general also spoke of the important role of the Maritime Police in the issue of migrants in the Mediterranean. In Operation Greece, 6,000 people have already been saved trying to enter Europe and, despite considering that the main objective is the supervision, this institution official considers to be “comforting these rescued lives”.

Tomorrow the commemorative program will continue with the highlight at the opening, at 11h00, in the auditorium of the Autarchic Center of Quarteira, the photographic exhibition by a team of RTP composed by David Araújo, Leonel Soares, Rosario Salgueiro on the work of the Maritime Police in Greece, which will include testimonies from some migrants, as well as photographs and mission data. It also integrates a part dedicated to the Refugee Camp of Moria.



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