Maritime Pollution: Do you know the impact of oil on the sea? – Present

Maritime Pollution: Do you know the impact of oil on the sea? - Present

One of the significant impacts of human activity on the oceans is marine pollution. The alert is from the Greenpeace association.

It is not just oil pollution from accidents and waste disposed of in the illegal cleaning of deposits. Despite the scale and visibility of such impacts, the total quantities of pollutants that flow into the sea from oil spills are small compared to those from pollutants from other sources.

These include domestic sewage, industrial discharges, urban and industrial surface runoff, accidents, spills, explosions, offshore operations, mining, nutrients and pesticides from agriculture, wasted heat sources and radioactive discharges.

Of all these chemicals, about 4,500 are in the most dangerous category. They are known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Resistant to decomposition, they have the potential to accumulate in the tissues of living organisms (all marine life), causing hormonal disorders that can in turn cause reproductive problems, leading to cancer, and affect the immune system or interfere with normal development of children.

Amazingly, food from the sea consumed by people living in temperate regions is also affected by POPs. Oil-bearing fish tend to accumulate POPs in the body and can transmit them to human consumers.

The most visible and common form of pollution is the oil pollution caused by accidents on oil tankers and the washing of deposits at sea. In addition to easily visible short-term impacts, serious long-term problems can also occur.

In the case of the oil tanker Exxon Valdez, which ran aground in Alaska in 1989, the biological impacts of the oil spill can still be recognized. The Prestige, which sank off the Galician coast at the end of 2002, caused huge economic losses by polluting more than 100 beaches in France and Spain and completely destroyed the local fishing industry.

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