Marques Mendes guarantees that "big fight" of legislatures is between the PS and the Left Bloc – O Jornal Económico

Political commentator Marques Mendes said on Sunday, in his opinion space in SIC's “Jornal da Noite”, that the “great fight” of the campaign for the 6th October legislature will be fought between the PS and the Left Block, in as the party led by Catarina Martins “is the major obstacle to the absolute majority” desired by António Costa.

For the former president of the PSD, this is the consequence of the right and the center-right being "cantoned," leaving the blockers the mission to fight the absolute majority of the PS. Thus, Marques Mendes pointed to the television debate between António Costa and Catarina Martins as more important than the one that will join the Prime Minister and Rui Rio, or the “touchy” debate between Rio and Asunción Cristas.

"The goal of the Left Bloc is clearly to want to go to the Government or have weight to influence the policies of the PS," said Marques Mendes, stressing that Catarina Martins took advantage of the interview with TVI to stress stability and the right accounts as strong ideas of the government. party, these being "two fundamental narratives in who wants to govern."

Referring to rentrées partisans of this Saturday, Marques Mendes considered that "there was no big news". More interesting, in his opinion, was Antonio Costa's interview with Lusa, in which the prime minister announced that he does not intend to be a presidential candidate, leaving the commentator with the “conviction” that the socialist will want to have a European post after another four years. of power in Portugal.

As for António Costa's insistence on comparisons with the “instability and ungovernability” that occurs in Spain, the former PSD president argued that the “dramatization argument” is perceived because it needs to attract voters committed to pushing the Left Bloc out of power. .

A great help to the current prime minister, besides the “Jornal de Notícias” poll that puts the PS on the threshold of the absolute majority, was, according to Marques Mendes, the article that José Sócrates wrote in “Expresso”. “It seemed made to order. Costa gains votes and credibility with the criticism of José Sócrates ”, stressed the commentator, describing the former socialist prime minister as“ a toxic asset ”.

Problems for PSD, CDS, and PCP

On the contrary, Mendes pointed out that the PSD had a “rentrée bittersweet ”, as the Festa do Pontal and the Summer University held in Castelo de Vide moved to the background when the party appeared just above 20% in the same poll. “It's a real punch in the stomach. That kills anyone, ”said the commentator, despite having the“ intuition ”that social democrats will stay above 25% in the legislature.

To reach this level, it will be necessary, according to the former leader of the PSD, that Rui Rio has a “mobilizing campaign” and a “very clear message”, worrying only about António Costa and his Government and repeating “until exhaustion”. the idea of ​​change and the priority in reducing taxes for the middle class and small and medium enterprises.

This being a concern of Asunción Cristas, who praised the performance in the interview with TVI and the government program presented on Thursday, Marques Mendes also left a warning to the centrists: “The CDS is in an even more difficult and complex alley than the PSD. ”

Something that also applies to the communists, despite the positive assessment of Jerónimo de Sousa's interview with “Expresso”. "Agree or disagree, he is genuine," said Mendes, for whom the "PCP will be further emptied" after the departure of the secretary-general, who will be holding his last legislative elections.

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