Marta Paço wins gold medal in the first European adapted surf

Marta Paço wins gold medal in the first European adapted surf

The 14-year-old Portuguese surfer, Marta Jordão Paço, won the gold medal in the AS-VI class in the first adapted surfing championship on Cabedelo Beach in Viana do Castelo.

Speaking to the Lusa news agency, the president of the Portuguese Federation of Sport for People with Disabilities, João Aranha, said that the natural athlete of Viana do Castelo, blind, "entered the first heat of the day, having been sacred individual European women's champion and , after competing in the Open AS-VI with male athletes, reached third place in the first European adapted surfing championship. "

The awards ceremony is scheduled for 4:00 pm at the Viana do Castelo High Surfing Center on Cabedelo Beach, on the left bank of the Lima River.

In addition to Marta Jordan Paço, the Portuguese team is composed by Nuno Vitorino, Camilo Abdula and Nuno Maltęz.

According to João Aranha, Camilo Abdula is European runner-up in the AS1 class, Nuno Maltêz, in the AS4 category, was fourth overall and Nuno Vitorino became European champion in the AS 5 Assist category.

By teams, the national team won the bronze medal.

The president of the Portuguese Federation of Sport for People with Disabilities mentioned the 1st European Adaptive Surfing Championship was a "success", highlighting the "exemplary" organization of Surf Club de Viana (SCV), and the "Viana do Castelo event from the first minute ".

"For the Portuguese team it was very good, the national team athletes were all in the final and the result of a team that is half the size of the others, third place, is very good," said João Aranha.

The first adapted European surfing championship began on the 21st with the presence of six national teams, between Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Germany.

The first adapted European surfing championship is organized by the Town Council, the Surf Club of Viana, the European Surfing Federation, the Portuguese Surfing Federation, the Portuguese Federation of Sports for Persons with Disabilities, the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, the Committee Paralympic Games of Portugal.

Marta João Paço won the bronze medal in the adapted surfing world in December of 2018 in the United States. At the time, only 13 years old and blind from birth, Marta Jordão Paço was the youngest athlete of the ISA World Adptative Surfing Championship, which took place at La Jola beach in San Diego, California.

Last January, the Câmara de Viana do Castelo awarded the young woman, born in the parish of Outeiro, the title of Citizen of Merit, the "newest" personality to receive that honorary title of Viana do Castelo.

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