MAS defends union of BE and PCP to create left-wing alternative government – Jornal Económico

"The MAS argues that the bloc and the PCP should fight for an alternative government to the false dichotomy that has been presented for 40 years in the country, which is PS governments or PSD and CDS governments," said the MAS leader and list leader by Lisbon circle to the parliamentary elections.

In an interview with Lusa, the leader of MAS, a party born of a BE dissent, said Block and the PCP had "refused to fight for an alternative joint government."

“They may say they never got enough votes, but it's not quite true. They never got together. They never joined, never made a common platform, except to support the PS government, ”he said.

For Gil Garcia, “it is not entirely impossible” to constitute an alternative proposal on the left, given that this solution on the left could count on independent socialists and Portuguese “who do not see themselves in the current parties”.

“I want the bloc and the PCP to fight for the government, create an alternative government, have to create an alliance to break with the PS governments and the PSD and CDS governments and then demand the substantive solutions the country needs: reinforcement National Health Service, changes in working conditions, a more radical policy on the environmental problem, companies that pollute almost by provocation, and plastic. The left is far short of what is needed, so more alternatives are needed, ”he said.

As an example, he noted that the increase in votes in the PAN (People-Animals-Nature) indicates that "people want alternatives, including the current traditional left."

Gil Garcia also stressed that the left in Portugal is currently “very complacent with the regime and the system”, which may contribute to the increase of the extreme right in Portugal and for the PS to obtain an absolute majority in the 2006 elections. of October.

Despite finding it difficult for the Socialist Party to reach an absolute majority, he stressed that the BE and the PCP will be responsible for increasing the number of votes in the PS, since they "have whitened the current government with systematic support."

However, MAS, which has nominations in eight constituencies, will appeal to the vote in BE and PCP in districts where it has no candidates.

"In the other districts we will call for voting in the Bloc and the CP to try to avoid the absolute majority of the Socialist Party and try to prevent the PS from having even more broad hands than it had in the last period of time," he explained.

A more stringent policy on corruption, raising the national minimum wage to 850 euros and defending workers' rights are some of MAS's main proposals to the legislature, which also advocates a review of strike laws and civil requisition, taking into account what happened with the drivers strike.

“It is unfortunate that it is a contraption, that is, a PS Government of António Costa spreading the minimum services. The right to strike was annulled. The MAS, if it elects a deputy, will require the revision of the law, including the civil requisition. What is it about military replacing striking workers? It's something never seen, ”he said.

Gil Garcia also points out that health, oppression and environmental reforms must be carried out in the country.

For health, the MAS wants a reinforcement of the State Budget for the NHS and, in the context of the problem of the oppressed, considered “lurid” the number of women murdered in Portugal, defending an alteration of the penal framework for the crimes of violence. domestic.

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