Matosinhos wants to promote "health for all" – News

Matosinhos wants to promote "health for all" - News

Increasing health literacy, ensuring access to psychosocial support services, promoting projects in the field of sexual health and family planning, expanding supply and accessibility to physical and sports activity, promoting healthy mitigating the consequences of additive behavior are other objectives of this strategic instrument.

In the proposal "Health Profile of Matosinhos and Municipal Health Plan of the Municipality of Matosinhos 2019-2021", which Lusa had access to today, the city's priority is to improve the health of the entire population of the county, in the district of Porto, reducing "health inequities" and promoting participatory health leadership and governance, based on the "health for all" concept.

The activities that compose the plan result from the compilation of the actions that are already being developed, but there is a need to design new initiatives in partnership with the various entities, namely colleges, sports clubs and voluntary associations of firemen, according to the document.

Promoting "effective synergies" between entities means enhancing health gains, encompassing the various determinants of health to achieve a healthier county, he emphasizes.

"It aims to maximize health gains through sustained efforts in intersectoral cooperation and by encouraging community participation," the statement said.

The proposal stresses that, since the factors that determine and influence the health status of a population are "dynamic, systemic and complex", the plan will be an "open document with a constant monitoring of actions", allowing an effective adjustment to the needs.

"This document addresses the need to invest in health throughout the life course, empower individuals to improve and maintain health, create local communities and more resilient health-promoting environments, lessen the impact that major have the population and focus the health system on people and their quality of life, "he says.

In April 2017, the Municipality of Matosinhos integrated the Portuguese Network of Healthy Municipalities (RPMS), assuming as a priority to improve the health of the entire population of the county.

The RPMS is an Association of Municipalities, created in 1997, integrated in the European Network of European Cities, sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO), which is a forum for sharing and discussing issues with health and quality people's lives.

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