Matthew Case: Chronology of one (plus one) novel & # 039; that shames Portuguese football

Matthew Case: Chronology of one (plus one) novel & # 039; that shames Portuguese football

The 'Mateus case', which seemed to be closed and accepted by all I league clubs, now promises to make a lot of 'ink' in the coming months. All clubs accepted Gil Vicente's integration into the Premier League in the 2019/2019 season (it was to be in 2018/2019 but it was eventually postponed) but now some want to review the assumptions that underpinned the decision. The FPF does not accept that the decision taken in 2017 and accepted by the League, is now in doubt, because they have been accepted by all.

Since 2006, Gil Vicente has been in the league for three seasons, having been relegated from the top tier in 2014/15, to which he had returned in 2011/12, after descending into the 'secretariat'. Meanwhile, player Mateus, an Angolan international, currently 34, represented Nacional, Arouca, Boavista and 1º de Agosto, from Angola.

SAPO Sport tells you the contours of this case, started 12 years ago and that seems far from closed.

How it all began

The Mateus case dates back to August 2006, when the Gillette club, after having secured their stay in the First League, was administratively relegated to the League of Honor, the current 2nd League, due to the use of the Angolan international Mateus, when the footballer was prevented from having acted with amateur status, in the immediately previous time, to the service of Lixa. Registration has been rejected by the League of Clubs.

At the time, the Disciplinary Committee of the LPFP sanctioned the minhoto club with the descent of division, after a complaint of the Belenenses, that the Council of Justice of the Portuguese Federation of Soccer (FPF) ratified, still preventing the gilistas to participate in the Portuguese Cup, as well as in junior and junior championships. The Belenenses, who had descended from division, took the place of the Gilgamesh in the First League.

Gil Vicente appealed, decision left … 10 years later. Belenenses appealed the decision

Following administrative relegation, Gil Vicente appealed to the ordinary courts, namely the Administrative and Fiscal Tribunal of Braga, which considered the matter to be of a sporting nature, and rejected the request. The gilistas, who alleged the nullity of the sanctions applied, have again turned to the Administrative Court of Lisbon, which gave them reason, a decision issued on May 25, 2016, ten years after the start of the case.

However, in July 2016, the Belenenses SAD formalized an appeal against this judicial decision, which at the time had led LPFP and FPF to consider the miners' climb to the NOS League inevitable.

Belenenses and Gil Vicente sign agreement and close case

On December 12, 2017, Gil Vicente and Belenenses signed a principle of agreement on the 'Mateus case', which allowed the Gilgameshs to raise the Portuguese League of Soccer in 2019/20. The agreement was signed by the presidents of the two sports companies, Francisco Dias da Silva and Rui Pedro Soares, respectively, as well as by the president of the Portuguese Professional Football League (LPFP), Pedro Proença

"It is a historic agreement that ends a dispute that lasted for 12 years. The goodwill of both sports companies is well known and the Portuguese League will monitor all steps, from now on, towards the definitive resolution in various instances, "said Pedro Proença at the time.

Liga and Federation order integration of Gil Vicente in I Liga

On the same day Gil Vicente and Belenenses SAD closed the agreement and closed the case, the Portuguese Professional Football League (LPFP) announced the reintegration of the Gilgamesh following a decision of the Administrative Court of the Lisbon Circle in 2016 It should be recalled that this Board of Appeal had declared null and void the decision of Gil Vicente taken by the FPF Justice Board in August 2006.

Following this, the LPFP approved, after recommendation of the FPF, the reintegration of the emblem of Barcelos in the main stage in the season 2019/20, determining that in the 2018/2019 season, three clubs were relegated in the I League and promoted two League II .

António Fiúza challenges decision and asks for 10 million euros of compensation

On December 13, 2017, António Fiúza, honorary president of Gil Vicente and former president of the Gillette emblem, showed his displeasure, stating that the club was "again harmed" with the agreement with the Belenenses and League of Clubs, which allows him back to I Football League in the 2019/20 season.

"It's obvious that I was not satisfied, because Gil Vicente will go up in the 2019/20 season." Last year they told us it would be 2018/19 and now it's another year? Pedro Proença), who is a puppet of Joaquim Oliveira and others – I am afraid and afraid that Gil Vicente will only come there by 2030. This agreement was made with this speed, because, on December 7, the decision of the Administrative Court of Lisbon to condemn the Belenenses: the presidents of the League and the Belenenses, who hid the fact and want to be well in the picture, presented an agreement and the one of the poor Gil Vicente, who wants the club in the I Liga as fast as possible, accepted -o, "he told Lusa.

The former manager recalled all the history and will of the president of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), Fernando Gomes, "integrity and serious", to quickly replace the minhotos in the League, a desire "caught" by the League leadership, he said, "maneuvered" the clubs so that, in a general meeting in 2016, the club's immediate reintegration assumptions would be replaced by the 2018/19 date, meanwhile delayed one year, with this agreement.

António Fiúza understands that Gil Vicente should be compensated, immediately, in about 10 million euros: "If it is the court to decide, in two or three years, it can reach 20 million. with all the conditions to walk in the European competitions. "

Gil Vicente's Portuguese Championship games no longer count in the final standings

On December 15, 2017, the Portuguese Football Federation guaranteed, in a statement, that the games of Gil Vicente were not going to count "at any level and in no way" for the final classification, regardless of the competition.

The body ensured that if Gil Vicente were to leave the division of the Portuguese Championship in 2018/19 where he was, his games "will not count – at any level and in any way – for the final classification of the competition", since the club will be administratively reinstated in the I Liga next season. The body would make changes to the recommendations, a month and a half later, in deciding that the points would not even be awarded, as it is something irrelevant, in the face of the decision to play the NOS League in 2019/20. The FPF recommended that the League of Clubs, the body responsible for the professional championships, "include in their Competition Regulations a similar guarantee for the 2018/2019 sports season" in case the Barcelos team remained in the II League.

Teams of II Liga next to Gil Vicente

On December 15, 2018, the sports clubs of the participating clubs in the II Football League resolved to show their solidarity with Gil Vicente, announcing the marking of a game to signal the return of the Gilgamesh to professional competitions, with the revenues to be reversed for the emblem of Barcelos. The game would put face-to-face the formation 'gilista' and a team constituted by the players that more evidenced throughout the time in II Liga

The decision came out of the meeting of the president of the LPFP, Pedro Proença, with the leaders of the SAD of the teams of the second step, in Porto.

Integration raised doubts in the League: TAD recommended enlargement, G-15 rejected

With the decision to integrate Gil Vicente [a Liga aceitou a integração para 2018/2019 mas, em Cimeira de Presidentes a 10 de maio de 2018, decidiram que a integração só devia acontecer na época seguinte], the League was left to find a solution that appealed to all. The emblem appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAD), the body recommended the extension of the championship to 20 teams, as had happened with the reintegration of Boavista in 2014/15. But the clubs understood that enlargement was difficult to achieve in competitive and financial terms.

The G-15 sent the TAD a new request for a reformulation of the rules inserted in the regulation, the judicial body proposed the inclusion of the Gilgamesh emblem, passing by the exceptional rise of the best classified in the second league, so that they did not fall three of the first, to the existing discrepancy.

But the League recalled that it was the clubs in the General Assembly to decide on the introduction of the rule that links the Rules of Competitions, which dictates the fall of three clubs in the first league and the rise of two of the second tier, was Gil Vicente in 2019/2020.

G-15 wants to change decision and postpone integration

What seemed to be clear, became confused, with the intrusion of the so-called G-15, the group of 15 clubs of the I League, who want to change the face of Portuguese football. Some clubs in this group, which only do not include FC Porto, Benfica and Sporting, have asked to analyze the judgment of the last court decision because they understood that there were two contradictory judgments. These top-tier clubs have admitted to appealing to contest the championship, claiming that the 2016 ruling does not require the reinstatement of the Barcelos club.

This position follows a revelation made by the Record newspaper on Wednesday, March 27, in which the Memorandum of Understanding with a view to reintegration, signed on December 12, 2017, between the League, Gil Vicente and Belenenses [o clube que permaneceu na I Liga, após o caso Mateus], contemplates two versions: a prerequisite as a condition for the promotion in 2019/20 the payment of compensation to the minhoto club; the other, who remained hidden, omits clauses relating to compensation to be paid by FPF to the minhoto club.

At a time when the maintenance struggle is on, some emblems who have known since the start of the season that three clubs will fall, are now against the reintegration of the gilistas. This Wednesday, March 27, Júlio Mendes, president of Vitória de Guimarães, stressed that the return of Gil Vicente to the Portuguese Football League, scheduled for the 2019/20 season, "will not be peaceful" among the clubs of the echelon main.

"It seems to me that the matter will not be peaceful." The integration of Gil Vicente implies that, at this time, there is another club going down. In football, a lot of the moment is lived and this causes that the presidents of some clubs defend the interests differently from the past, "he told a press conference in Guimarães. The president of Vitória de Guimarães stressed that it is necessary to integrate the legal and political components in the analysis of this issue and that the clubs need to act with "prudence" before giving a "thorough opinion".

FPF demands reintegration of Gil Vicente in the I Football League in the season 2019/20

The latest news on the case and the statements of Júlio Mendes led the Portuguese Football Federation to make a firm decision on the case. The body demands the reintegration of Gil Vicente in the Portuguese league next season, considering that the judicial decision of June 2016 must be respected.

In a statement, the federative body says it does not accept that "the expectations created in all entities and sports agents, through regulatory changes and deliberations taken within the Portuguese Professional Football League (LPFP), are frustrated at this time, with negative impacts in all national senior competitions ".

The FPF ensures that "the most recent facts come to the public, almost three years after the first decision", do nothing to change its position and ensures that it will not have a "passive attitude" in the matter.

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