Medina argues that PS should prioritize dialogue with BE, CFP and ENP – Jornal Económico

Socialist Fernando Medina said the PS "had a big victory" in Sunday's legislative elections and should give priority to dialogue with BE, PCP and PEV.

“Firstly, the Socialist Party had a big victory today. A victory that gives him the responsibility to lead the formation of a government to implement a stability program for the country for the next four years ”, defended Fernando Medina, at the door of the Hotel Altis, where the PS follows the result of the election night.

In a statement transmitted by RTP, the mayor of Lisbon said the PS "should seek dialogue with everyone" but "first" with the parliamentary majority partners of the last four years (BE, CFP and ENP).

Asked if there should be an early agreement or budget by budget, Medina said it was still "too early".

"What is important is a commitment and a willingness to understand a set and a political orientation and political stability that is essential for the country to achieve its results," he concluded.

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