Meet Dualshock 4 for PlayStation 4 full of bling-bling – Computers

Meet Dualshock 4 for PlayStation 4 full of bling-bling - Computers

Company specialist in modifications with luxury materials, has launched a command for the console of Sony in 24 carat gold.

Brikk is a company dedicated to the construction of extravagant and luxurious pieces and aims to create products "nothing less than fabulous, that make others jealous", reads on its official website. "There are those who are just rich, and then there are those who are fabulously wealthy," pointing out their target audience …

The company has already built iPhones Xs, Airpods 2 or Watch 4 in 24 carat gold, surpassing the $ 10,000 price to pay. But now it's time to "boast" the wealth in gaming, with the construction of the Lux DualShock 4 for the PS4 with the same valuable stuff. There are two models of the command, the Premium and the Deluxe.

The Premium command was hand-built, covered in 24-carat gold and includes a PlayStation button in solid 18K gold with seven diamonds inlaid, totaling 0.25 carats. The remaining buttons are common to conventional models. Already the Deluxe version, has all solid 18K gold buttons, including the directional dpad, "stuffed" diamonds, adding 2.20 carats.

Buyers will also be able to customize the command, whether in platinum, rosy gold, black rhodium or titanium. Already the buttons can be made of titanium, carbon, zinc or magnesium. Customers can even add a special touch, on request, to other gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

The company is sending the command to any place in the world, taking between three and four weeks of delivery. And the price, you ask? Classic starts at € 7,400 ($ 8,500) and Deluxe can be ordered from € 12,200 ($ 14,000).

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