Meghan's half-sister Markle feels "fulfilled her goal" – News

Meghan's half-sister Markle feels "fulfilled her goal" - News

Samantha was recently at the royal palace and delivered a letter to the security guards.

It was recently reported that Meghan Markle's half-sister had traveled to the UK last week and tried to visit the Duchess of Sussex last weekend. However, allegedly, Samantha was barred at the door of Kensington Palace and was seen to deliver a letter to the security guards.

In conversation with the Daily Mail TV, Samantha was eager to receive a response from Meghan. "I can not say what I wrote in the letter, but I think I have fulfilled my purpose. Now all I have to do is wait and see how it was received, "he said, referring to" I wanted the world, the sister and the royal family to know what really happened, the truth about many things. "

Although he declined to comment on the contents of the letter, Samantha admitted that it was written to think of his father, Thomas Markle – who was not present at Meghan's marriage to Prince Harry because of his health problems.

Samantha also said that now the next step will be the half sister. "She has to do the right thing and now she knows how much her father loves and gives her," he added, noting that "life is too short."

On the news that she was barred from entering the palace, Samantha said she had "a wonderful experience." "With great respect I went there to deliver the letter. No one was rejected or disrespectful. It was a pleasant experience and no one was bad with me, I was very surprised, "he finished.

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