Members of the PSD elected by Madeira did not participate in the vote on the diploma – O Jornal Económico

The PSD deputies in the Assembly of the Republic elected by the Autonomous Region of Madeira were unavailable to vote this Friday, the diploma regarding the count of the time of service of teachers, according to information ascertained by the 'Economic Journal'.

As it turned out, these Members considered that their participation in this act would prevent these members of the PSD parliamentary group from complying with the voting discipline. In this way, the Economic Journal knows, these parliamentarians wanted to show consistency with the position of the Regional Government of Madeira, taking into account the difference in the position of the Social Democrats at national level.

In Madeira, about six thousand teachers will recover the entire frozen service time. This process, according to the Regional Government, will require to spend a sum of 28 million euros, distributed in the regional budgets of the next seven years, and in 2019 the impact is 2.5 million euros.

This amount – 2.5 million euros – corresponds to the recovery of a year and a half of service, of the total of nine years, four months and two days of freezing, namely from 2005 to 2006 and from 2011 to 2017.

PSD and CDS-PP joins the PS to plumb diploma

The Assembly of the Republic this Friday approved the final text of the diploma on the recovery of the time of full service teachers. The final text of the Education and Science Committee, which provided for the full count of the nine years, four months and two days claimed by the unions, was rejected with the votes against PS, PSD and CDS-PP.

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) rejected this Friday the critics of seguidismo of the left, after the retreat of the party in the recovery of the time of service of the teachers. PSD parliamentary leader Fernando Negrão stressed that the PSD does not "support the Government" in Parliament, unlike the PCP, BE and PEV, and guaranteed that a vote against the teachers' diploma was not a withdrawal from the party.

"The PSD does not support the Government. [O chumbo da recuperação do tempo integral de serviço dos professores] was only a political support. We live in democracy and we have a relationship among all and it is good that they exist, "said Fernando Negrao, in statements to SIC Notícias.

The Social Democrat leader reiterated that the sustainability of public accounts was always a principle of PSD president Rui Rio. "If there is anything I know about dr. Rui Rio is the restraint and care with the accounts and has proved this throughout his life, "he said.

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