Menu for a 100% Portuguese Christmas Dinner – The Economic Newspaper

Menu for a 100% Portuguese Christmas Dinner - The Economic Newspaper

Christmas is well celebrated, and that means spent in family and full stomach. If this year's celebrations are going to be spent in your home, get ready to cook a Christmas banquet with everything you're entitled to, whether it's for the uncle who has an insatiable hunger, or for the cousin who started a new diet. And because what is good is Portuguese, JE suggests a menu for the night of Consoada with the best national products, from cod and nuts to white and sparkling wine.

It is six o'clock in the afternoon and the guests are already on an empty stomach. For starters, and to whet your appetite among friends and family, start with a recipe for fried shrimp with beer. This entry is as simple as it is tasty, and you can use this Portuguese beer to help in the confection of the dish.

The Praxis of Coimbra offers a range of varied flavors, in which the main secret of beer is the water of Coimbra. As soon as you fry the prawns in garlic, chilli, butter nut and a bay leaf, add 0.5l of Praxis Pilsener beer, which is distinguished by the mild aroma of hops. After allowing to braise, bake until golden brown and ready to serve. To accompany the entrance, serve a glass of white wine Casal Garcia – produced in Portugal with a soft and fresh taste and a delicate and fruity aroma or, alternatively, a good Portuguese sparkling wine such as Flutt 2015.

Served the entrees, you can already sit at the table. While his grandfather tells the tale of the time when he was young, serve a classic green broth with Portuguese cabbage and slices of thick chorizo ​​from Estremoz and Borba to start the meal. Pass through the table a basket of sliced ​​Portuguese bread, and while the soup cools, stimulate the taste buds with a board of Lusitanian cheeses, from the Serra da Estrela to the goat's cheese from Serra da Malcata or Azeitão.

Finished the soup, go to the main course. Between a thousand and one suggestions, and in a vast universe yet to be explored, we were able to select one that joins the useful to the pleasant: cod with roasted chestnuts.

The dry salty cod is no stranger on the table of the Consoada. While Portuguese chestnut is a sought after dry fruit at the end of the year, especially for Christmas and New Year's suppers, including because its marketing period is from October to January. This delicacy is a great choice as a main course, as well as being tasty, its cost, preparation time and difficulty level are average – you can even ask your children or nephews to lend a hand in the kitchen.

If you want an alternative, opt for a roasted shank seasoned with Flor de Sal Marisol and herbs. Use the extra virgin olive oil h'our to make, as it is ideal to accompany salads, but also grilled and roasted meats, given that it is a spicy and bitter olive oil.

To accompany, choose a Dão red wine, suitable for meals with meat, and for the kids serve a fresh lemonade.

If you have a vegetarian cousin, make sure your lifestyle has not been left out of the menu: cod hitchhiking, but as a substitute for this protein, try a French garlic à brás. The recipe is exactly the same except for cod.

If your children, cousins ​​and nephews are not fans of these three alternatives, do not exclude the octopus from Consoada's dinner. If you have the time (and patience), devote a little more time to pampering.

Cut the octopus tentacles, onion rings, garlic and parsley into small pieces and place the batter potatoes around the batter. Sprinkle with plenty of olive oil and bake.

For dessert, you can either opt for a traditional Christmas truffle of the neighborhood pastry that the kids so much like, or, if you feel like doing something more homemade, choose one of Christmas's unavoidable, french toasts or slices.

After the twelve doomed it's time to open the garments. While the younger ones compare the toys they have received, do not deny those who still have an appetite for a generous slice of the king of the table, the cake.

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