Merkel would add value to EU presidency if not unavailable, says Costa – The Economic Journal

Prime Minister Angela Merkel said she would "add value" to the presidency of the European Commission or the European Council, but stressed that the German Chancellor has been unable to take office.

António Costa spoke to reporters after the first meeting of the Sixth Summit of Southern European Countries in La Valletta, Malta, which continues tonight at a work dinner, attended by the heads of state and government of France (Emmanuel Macron), Spain (Pedro Sánchez), Italy (Giuseppe Conte), Greece (Alexis Tsipras), Malta (Joseph Muscat) and Cyprus (Nicos Anastasiades).

Asked about the support given to the German chancellor by the French President and the Italian Prime Minister, the leader of the Portuguese executive said that "there is no doubt that it would be of more value to the European Union if a political figure such as Angela Merkel could both the President of the Council and the Commission. "

"But there is an absolutely fundamental precedent which is that of its availability. Angela Merkel has repeatedly said, either in public or in private, that she has a total unavailability, "he said.

According to António Costa, in the question of the Presidencies of the Council, Commission, European Parliament and the choice of the High Representative for Foreign Policy, the subject at the European Council of 20 and 21 in Brussels, "it is fundamental to have a solution that integrates the different political families. "

"There can be no majorities in the Council and in the European Parliament that do not involve both the European People's Party (PPE), socialists, liberals and, hopefully, the Greens. Therefore, negotiation has to be done on this basis so that there is a double majority in the Council and in the European Parliament, "he stressed.

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