brings citizens closer to the measures taken in the Assembly of the Republic – Apps brings citizens closer to the measures taken in the Assembly of the Republic - Apps

This is a mobile application that simulates the plenary of the Assembly of the Republic, allowing citizens to know and vote on the legislative proposals presented in the Portuguese Parliament since 2011.

Nuno Moniz and Arian Pasquali, researchers from the Institute of Systems Engineering and Computers, Technology and Science and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, and Tomás Amaro, software engineer at Hostelworld, are the researchers who developed the application

As a goal, they aim to bring citizens closer to decisions taken in Parliament and provide all the information needed to put these data in context, at a time when about 4 out of 10 Portuguese voters decide not to go to the polls during national elections.

To that end, "one minute and three gestures are enough for the users to be asked to comment on how they would vote on 10 legislative proposals that have been under parliamentary scrutiny since 2011 and which were chosen at random," Nuno Moniz explained in a statement to the media.

To vote in favor the users have to slide to the right and, if the vote is against, they will have to slide in the opposite direction. In case the option is abstention you will have to slide up or down.

After the vote, users find out which parties whose voting results are identical to theirs, and detailed information on each proposal is also presented. The text of the proposals, information on their authors and the website of the party in question on voting day are some of the resources that can be explored.

The app is available for free download for iOS and Android.

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