Mexican court approves recreational use of cocaine for two people – O Jornal Económico

A Mexican court has authorized possession, transportation and use of cocaine to two citizens. Although they cannot sell the substance, this unprecedented decision demonstrates the willingness of the Mexican government to change the course of the “war on drugs” that the country has been experiencing for decades, according to the BBC.

According to Mexico United Against Crime (MUAC) the national health authority, COFEPRIS, has a key role to play in the "drug war" and calls for decisions like this to be passed in the near future.

A decision still pending approval from a higher court will only be validated after a panel of judges assesses the context and legality of the decision.

A COFEPRIS official told France-Press that they have already taken steps to block the court ruling, arguing that such a ruling "is unlawful and cannot be authorized."

Mexico faces serious problems related to the various drug cartels in the country. Part of the solution may be the legalization of some illicit substances, which criminal organizations see as a threat to their monopoly, and which due to their influence with law enforcement authorities may be difficult to achieve.

Mexican President Andrés Obrador, a left-wing politician since taking office in December 2018, has promised "radical changes" in the country's approach to drugs and its stakeholders.

Among some measures presented by Obrador is the decriminalization of various substances, and as an alternative to the imprisonment of consumers, the possibility of attending rehabilitation programs would be offered.

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