Microsoft launches first trial version of Edge browser for Mac – Computers

After the release of the new Edge, supported by Chromium, in the Windows 10 version last month, the new browser came to MacOS for testing. The versions are very similar, but Microsoft has adapted the browser to the language of the Mac, so users feel more comfortable with its use, including the fonts and the menu system.

The macOS version introduces even greater control, such as shortcuts to websites or tab switching or video controls through the Touch Bar. For users who use the trackpad gestures, the browser responds in agreement as well as other contextual actions.

Microsoft now plans to gather user feedback, according to its blog post. Future updates will be based on feedback from users, encouraged by Microsoft to share their experience.

If you are interested in testing the Edge version for macOS, you can download the trial version at the following address. The preview version for Windows 7 and Windows 8 is also expected soon.

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