Miguel Pinto Luz wants invitation to speak at PSD National Council – Jornal Económico

Miguel Pinto Luz expects to be invited to speak at the PSD National Council, which will be held next Friday, November 8, in Bragança. This intention was expressed on Sunday night through social networks, and the Cascais Mayor wrote that “it would be absolutely natural and desirable for all those who have already expressed their firm intention to run for party to speak to national advisers ”.

According to Miguel Pinto Luz, the eventual invitation – to himself and to the former leader of the Social Democratic parliamentary group, Luís Montenegro – would stem from the "best democratic tradition of which we are all proud of the PSD." "The divergence of opinions has never shaken open, transparent and plural procedures within the party's internal organization," he added.

The PSD statutes allow the participation of militants who have not been elected to the party organ, or who do not inherently attend its meetings, but this will depend on the president of the National Council, Paulo Mota Pinto.

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