Miguel Vieira ends the second day with a scent of Africa – Current Affairs

Miguel Vieira ends the second day with a scent of Africa - Current Affairs

Alfandega do Porto opened its doors for another fashionable day in the city of the invicta.

The day was quite full, began with the proposals of Inês Torcato and Sara Maia, who shared the passerelle to present their proposals for the next season. Inês brought to the passerelle a collection inspired in Article 1 where it was possible to observe a formal deconstruction of the classics of men's and women's clothing. Sara chose to tell in her collection stories from day to day, with pieces that reflect movements of the real vs. non-real dichotomy.

It was then the turn of Estelita Mendonça to present her collection that privileged the transparency of the materials and pieces marked by the style cargo.

Sophia Kah's Tiger Souls surprised everyone and everything by having a very special model. Raquel Strada closed the parade of the friend in a pink dress marked by details at the waist and sleeves. The collection reflects the DNA of the brand, with very elegant pieces and full of artisanal details.

The passerelle was once again lit up with Katty Xiomara's The Women's Tribute, where the designer revived some of her memorabilia to emphasize the power that women have in society today.

The fringes and the diamonds were the starting point for the collection of Foot of Lead, which once again surprised the fashionistas during the fashion show. Velvet or satin dresses, ruffled blouses, balloon sleeves, bulky skirts and upholstered waist pants are the featured pieces of this collection as well as shoes.

TM by Teresa Martins brought the inspiration of India directly to the city of Oporto, cum a vibrant collection and full of structured pieces.

The night was already midway when Diogo Miranda presented his proposals for the next season. The collection inspired by the actress Catherine Deneuve was reflected in pieces full of sophistication and volumes, with nautical details and an enviable palette of colors.

Luís Buchinho also praised women and created a collection inspired by the uniforms of the pioneer aviation women of the 40's. A powerful squadron that reveals luxurious pieces and where it was possible to observe the graphic variations of the volumes, present in each coat.

The day ended today with the Miguel Vieira parade and the smell of Africa, a collection full of color, rhythm and cult culture. Men's suits take on a new shape by becoming more relaxed, away from the thick materials that have been used in other collections. The geometric elements present in the pieces resemble ethnic prints, contrasting with colors such as beige bronze, ocher orange, yellow curry, sky blue, brown tobacco and navy blue.

The third day of this edition of Portugal Fashion will count on the parades of more sound names in the world of fashion, as is the case of Nuno Baltazar, Alves / Gonçalves. Luís Onofre, among others and also with the presence of Shoes & Bags, a parade dedicated to brands of shoes and bags.

Go along with everything that happens in this 44th edition of Portugal Fashion here!

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