Mike is the only totalist

Mike is the only totalist


The lateral Mike is, after the matchday 9 meeting at Varzim stronghold, the only totalist of the Briosa This season.
The 30-year-old defender, who is serving season 3 in Coimbra, acts preferentially as right-back, but can also play in the opposite wing, assuming the role of left-back.
By 2019/2020 students have played 13 games, all with Mike in the opening eleven. In the squad, left-back Cerqueira also played in all of Briosa's challenges, but added fewer minutes than Mike. In this ranking, the third that was César Peixoto's initial bet more often was Ghanaian winger Barnes Osei, who has been in 12 games (the only one who failed was due to punishment).

Mike: 13 games and 1,229 minutes in the legs
In the nine matches of the second tier, according to Liga Portugal, Mike adds 869 minutes, in addition to the 360 ​​of his four league games (two in the Portuguese Cup and two in the League Cup). We speak of 1,229 minutes "in the legs" of the player who emerged in national football in Fafe.

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