Minister Marta Temido admits that closing schools is a possibility

Minister Marta Temido admits that closing schools is a possibility

The Health Minister said today that the immediate closure of schools is a possibility in view of the country's epidemiological situation, which has worsened in recent days, a measure that should be analyzed Thursday in the Council of Ministers.

“There are moments, when the Prime Minister returned from meetings abroad, we held a zoom meeting and we were discussing various information that today, at the end of the afternoon, the group of experts, epidemiologists and health technicians who usually with us meets at Infarmed, transmitted it to us ”, said Marta Temido in the“ Grande Interview ”of RTP3.

Asked by journalist Vítor Gonçalves if "on the table is the possibility of closing schools immediately", the health minister replied that "yes".

According to Marta Temido, today's meeting with experts brought "some changes" to previous estimates, which "will force new reflections on measures to be taken" to control the covid-19 pandemic.

"These measures that were agreed today between some ministers as possible, tomorrow will be discussed in the Council of Ministers and then will be transmitted by the prime minister to the Portuguese," said Marta Temido.

Portugal today recorded 219 deaths related to covid-19 and 14,647 new cases of infection with the new coronavirus, the highest values ​​since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the Directorate-General for Health (DGS).


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