Minister of Culture highlights role of culture for "social cohesion and peace" – Showbiz

Minister of Culture highlights role of culture for "social cohesion and peace" - Showbiz

"This donation shows that we can work together so that art can be accessible to the public domain," said Grace Fonseca, in her speech in English, like the other speakers, arguing that "paintings should be seen by people, and be a vehicle to tell the history and culture of a country. "

The minister also thanked "the work that Aga Khna has done in Portugal over the years", in particular in social inclusion projects, and with the communities.

For his part, Prince Amyn Aga Khan said that the donation in question "is a reflection of the commitment to be part of the cultural life of this country."

"The paintings were originally in the Palacete Mendonça [em Lisboa, adquirido para ali ser criada a nova sede da comunidade ismaili], and we decided that they should be accessible to the general public, "he explained.

"We felt it would be the ideal place for these two paintings," added the prince, speaking also on behalf of his brother, who did not speak.

On the other hand, Amyn Aga Khan made a point of thanking the director of the MNAA, António Filipe Pimentel, for his activity as director of that institution, which should leave in June, after having decided not to re-apply for the place.

"One of my intentions was to thank my friend, for the excellent work he has done in the museum for the last ten years, and for his team. My congratulations," he said.

He added: "As Portugal is not only Lisbon, it is also Porto, and other cities, we decided to donate a third painting to the Soares dos Reis National Museum."

He also recalled the support that the Aga Khan Foundation gave to the acquisition, in the public campaign "Let's put the Sequeira in the right place", from the painting "Adoração dos Magos", by Domingos Sequeira, from 1828.

The Aga Khan Foundation supported, at that time, the purchase of the work with 200 thousand euros, one third of the total value by which it was acquired for the museum in 2016.

"This campaign has shown that there is public support for culture in this country. We want to be part of this support," he said.

After observing the two donated works, the two Aga Khan princes were taken by the director of the museum to appreciate "Adoration of the Magi", which they considered "sublime".

For his part, António Filipe Pimentel, thanked the "generous donation" from the Ismaili community of the two new works, pointing out that "they will be exhibited with the dignity they deserve", in the one in the museum.

The entities agreed in 2015 with the Portuguese State to set up the world headquarters of Imamat Ismaili in Lisbon.

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