Minister of Defense demands new rules for lease – The Economic Journal

Minister of Defense demands new rules for lease - The Economic Journal

Defense Minister Azeredo Lopes demanded that the Institute of Social Action of the Armed Forces (IASFA) submit a list of houses leased by Friday and determine new rules for the free-rent regime.

In a dispatch signed Wednesday, which Lusa had access to today, Azeredo Lopes points out that "facts made public" indicate that "information on IASFA's assets are still not sufficient" and do not allow "tight control".

Azeredo Lopes determined that the IASFA, chaired by General Xavier Matias, should submit by October 12 "a list of fractions in economic regime and free income", with an indication of the tenants, type, income, and criteria for the allocation of the fraction.

The order was signed on the same day that the Ministry of Defense confirmed that a house leased to IASFA at Rua da Aliança Operária, Ajuda, was being rented to tourists through the `Airbnb' platform, an illegal situation that led to the complaint of the contract.

The lease was in the name of the son of Major Vasco Brazão, who was guarantor and appeared as host of the house on the Airbnb platform. Major Vasco Brazão is under house arrest under the process of recovering the stolen military material in Tancos.

In the order, Minister Azeredo Lopes orders the dispatch to his office of all complaints that have already entered the Institute on cases in which there are indications that the fractions are not being used by the lessee and the measures taken.

In addition, the IASFA "should prepare, within a maximum of 60 days, a plan of action to ensure that fractions leased for own and permanent housing" will not be placed in the local housing market.

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