Minister of Economy announces incentive for innovation to Setúbal companies – O Jornal Económico

“I suppose that a warning will be opened later this week, as part of the Portugal 2020 innovation incentive system, specifically targeted at the Small and Medium and Micro Enterprises of the Setúbal Peninsula,” said Pedro Siza Vieira.

"We will, in this incentive dedicated specifically to these companies, make an increase of 10% of the support, so that we can have a level and intensity of support higher than that normally exists in this region," added the minister.

Pedro Silva Vieira was speaking to journalists shortly after announcing this incentive for innovation at the opening session of the 2nd Business Forum of the Setúbal Peninsula Industrial Association (AISET), which will take place today and Wednesday at the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum, in which defended the importance of continuing to help companies in a region with large export capacity.

“It is important that we continue to support the modernization of companies in this region. There are a number of large companies here, but there are also a number of small businesses that work, either in the value chains that large companies encourage, or for other markets. And in that sense, we have to continue to support productive modernization in this region, ”he said, and did not disclose the global amount of this new support to companies in the region.

Faced with the old claim of mayors and businessmen who claim to be able to benefit from the European Union's Structural Funds, while contesting the fact that the Setúbal peninsula does not receive such support because it is in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Pedro Siza Viera He recalled that the problem could have been resolved by the previous government, but ensured that the current executive was available to maximize possible support in the current legal framework.

“In 2013 it could have been possible to submit a proposal to the European Union to delimit the statistical units, which the then government did not want to do. At this moment, what we can do is, working within the available rules, to try to maximize the support we send to the companies of this region to continue to participate in the effort they are making and that make Setúbal remarkable in the national context, for its export capacity. due to its industrial intensity ”, he clarified.

Labor Code Reform, Human Capital for Industry 4.0 and Challenges for innovation in the Setúbal Peninsula and adaptation to Industry 4.0 are some of the themes proposed for Wednesday at this 2nd AISET Business Forum, which began today with a conference on The Portuguese and International Economy 2019-2023, by SIBS chairman Vítor Bento, and a debate with Setúbal's top-list leaders at the forthcoming October 6 legislative elections.

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